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Your health, your plans, your employability, your life can be derailed in an instant by a personal injury. Suddenly you find yourself dealing with physical and emotional pain, lost wages, and medical expenses that were not in your plans.  Additionally, the future may now appear uncertain. Even after the initial recovery period, your injuries may require medical attention later in life or may result in permanent disability. Unexpectedly, your life plans look vastly different than what you previously expected.


At Turner Law, PC we can help ease the burden that has been thrust upon you. While you recover physically, let us negotiate with insurance companies, fight for your lost wages, and recover any other financial damages resulting from your injury. You can also ease your mind knowing that we work on contingency fee for personal injury cases: we don’t see a dime until you do.

Common personal injury areas we will represent you in:

Dog Bites Hand

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Dog bites or other animal attacks can leave both physical and emotional scars, sometimes even death. The state of Utah employs a strict liability law, meaning that pet owners are liable for animal bites whether or not they knew the animal had a propensity to attack or if the attack was the result of their negligence. After receiving medical care for your injury, call Turner Law, PC so we can help you recover medical costs, lost wages, and prepare you for any future complications the attack may entail.

Car Accident

Auto Accident

Personal injury involving traffic accidents can come in many forms including auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and even auto versus pedestrian or bicycle accidents.

Women falls on Stairs

Slip & Fall

A simple slip and fall can have disastrous and long-lasting effects. Such accidents often occur because of negligence involving wet flooring, cracks and dips in the floor, poor lighting, unsecured extension cords, lack of railings on stairways, and poor warning signs. Businesses and individuals have a responsibility to prevent injuries and accidents caused by such situations.


Let the professionals at Turner Law, PC help you through your personal injury case so that you can rest easy knowing your future will be taken care of

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