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Family law concerns can be emotionally trying, to say the least. Because we understand that your case can have far-reaching effects, we strive to ensure the outcome provides relief from the tumultuous events that often precede it. Our experienced family law attorneys and staff recognize that each divorce, separation, adoption, or modification is unique and will help you navigate a course tailored to your needs.


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Facing a divorce or legal separation can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Turner Law, PC can help you weather the storm and guide you through each aspect of child custody and support, alimony, property and debt division, relocation and more.

If you are seeking an uncontested divorce in which there are no dependent children, we can accommodate your needs for a flat fee of $1,400.00 including filing fee. If child custody and child support must be determined, we offer a flat fee of to $1,700.00 including filing fee. Contested divorce rates are determined pursuant to the complexity of the case.

Father and son touching hands

Child Custody & Support

When a couple divorces or separates, the well-being of the children is often at the forefront of their concerns. An appropriate parenting plan can be difficult to construct, but the attorneys at Turner Law, PC are experienced in negotiating legal and physical custody, visitation and child support to make sure your children continue to have their needs met.

Mother & Child

Modification & Enforcement

Sometimes the smooth sailing you expect after your divorce just doesn’t pan out, or you or your ex is faced with a significant change in income, relocation or other major life event. Perhaps the other party doesn’t follow the terms of the divorce decree. At this point, the professionals at Turner Law, PC can take action and help you modify or enforce your divorce decree and help return your life to calmer waters.

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Uncontested – “Amicable” – Flat Fee Divorce St. George, Utah

If you and your spouse can discuss and reach an agreement as to all the terms that you would like incorporated in your Decree of Divorce (and Parenting Plan if there are minor children), you can save your family thousands of dollars, and spare your family months – if not years – of litigation.


In addition to the above mentioned services, Turner Law, PC are also experienced in the areas of paternity and father’s rights, protective and restraining orders, stalking injunctions, termination of parental rights, legal separation or separate maintenance, adoption, QDROS, and prenuptial agreements.


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