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Just because your trial has ended, or the jury has issued a verdict, does not necessarily mean your case is closed. Whether you are seeking an appeal or defending a judgment on appeal, it is essential to have attorneys with appellate experience. The attorneys at Turner Law, PC have filed and defended numerous appeals and are intimately familiar with the special and often confusing rules of appellate procedure.


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Civil Appeals

Usually a person filing an appeal in a civil case has been met with disappointment and frustration and may be experiencing financial hardships. The filing of a civil appeal does not automatically suspend the enforcement of the trial court’s judgement; however, the attorneys at Turner Law, PC can advise you as to what options are available while your appeal is pending.

Criminal Appeals

You have a right to appeal your case; however, a criminal appeal is not an automatic ticket for a new trial. Each case must have a legal basis, or grounds, for appeal. Grounds for appeal include abuse of judicial discretion, ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, or even constitutional violations. The attorneys at Turner Law, PC will meet with you and review your case to assure that any errors are brought to the attention of the appellate court.

Administrative Appeals

An administrative agency is a government entity that oversees the implementation of legislative acts. For example, the Utah Labor Commission, the Department of Commerce, and the Division of Motor Vehicles are all administrative agencies. Administrative agencies generally have their own appellate system, and only when this system has been exhausted will the court see such a case. The attorneys at Turner Law, PC have the experience and expertise to guide you through each step of the administrative appeal process.

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